What Technology Taught us About Openness

Sometimes what makes us stronger is not avoiding disputes or problems, but overcoming¬†misunderstandings¬†and issues together. Keeping silent and not sharing our feelings with one another is a form of miscommunication that only isolates us from each other, preventing us from solving problems which are often tiny but seem large until we talk about them! It's… Continue reading What Technology Taught us About Openness


Like a¬†bird¬†without a wing,¬†this project that¬†we've been working on- Two to Fly- wouldn't be possible without both of us, mother and daughter, working together- we need, after all, two wings to fly. Tomorrow is Mother's day in London, so we thought we'd share the poems for Mother's day we've written as a tribute to the… Continue reading Mother

Pepper Mania- a Family Thing

Do you have a favourite vegetable? If so, have you ever wondered¬†if your¬†love for that particular veg is shared by anyone in¬†your family, that it might have been passed down in history by your ancestors?¬† Pepper¬†was¬†one of the vegetables that I excluded from my¬†diet after¬†I gave birth to my¬†children, despite adoring the deliciousness of it,… Continue reading Pepper Mania- a Family Thing

Books aside! “why?” is your new best friend

Have you ever wondered why¬†schools have 2 months of summer holidays? ... Or¬†ever asked why sweet cakes are only offered at the end of the party or wedding? ... The moment you start questioning certain customs, the moment you start to change, develop, and consolidate your¬†power of¬†agency. The crossings at the¬†traffic lights in the city… Continue reading Books aside! “why?” is your new best friend

Halloween Deliciousness- Celebration as a Food for the Soul

The refuge for the soul is celebration, where the reserve for energy lulls of a cool fountain¬†that gushes joy, excitement, and vitality.¬†Halloween is one of those rare, mysteriously enchanting and nostalgic feasts, where the dark night¬†becomes the key to unlock new enthusiasm within us, releasing¬†profound emotions¬†and passionate feelings for cool smoky strength. For my daughter… Continue reading Halloween Deliciousness- Celebration as a Food for the Soul

The meditation of indulgent and extraordinary pumpkin soup

There is a thrilling¬†correlation between cooking autumnal pumpkin soup and long walks in a scenery of orange, red and yellow leaf paradise. Peculiarly, both of them start with simple elements and end up deliciously perfect. The only difficult part of the process is the beginning- like starting a business, it requires a certain amount of… Continue reading The meditation of indulgent and extraordinary pumpkin soup

A Surprisingly Simple Recipe for Happiness

Countless¬†books, texts and magazines claim to offer simple recipes for the "dish of happiness". Their authenticity, we are informed, comes from extensive research, past and present. But for me, the candy-coloured, vibrant pictures presenting these 'solutions' as successful were mere unfitting illustrations of a goal which was far more difficult in reality to achieve by… Continue reading A Surprisingly Simple Recipe for Happiness